Jay C – Fab Freddy Said – Review

Jay C
Toolroom Records
Available July 15, 2013
Here is a disco club classic that has been redone to bring the House down.  UK House Producer Jay C proves Disco is not dead with this release  of Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ highlighting “Fab Freddy Said”.  Toolroom offers three version of the remix and you can sample them below.
The original version takes us back to the days of disco with a nostalgia-infused vocal and perfectly programmed percussion.

Provided is an additional club mix by Federico Scavo. Federico’s remix is crafted specifically for the club with big drums and heavy bass that define his much-loved sound.

Last but not least is the  Peter Horrevorts’ remix. Peter’s remix is designed to sit perfectly in any poolside playlist, drawing the focus onto the unforgettable guitar lick, delicately layered over the bass and vocal.

Four thumbs up from Emix Radio Crew, Jay C’s ‘Fab Freddy Said’ is a necessity for any club, pool summer set.

Keep Bangin’

The Emix Radio Crew