Jose Nunez & Baggi Begovic ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’ Review

Subliminal Records
Jose Nunez and Baggi Begovic

I have heard this remix or mashup before and I just stumbled upon it on SoundCloud so I thought I would share it with you. The song ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’ and it’s main vocal chorus is a well known 80’s rock song produced by Yes in 1983. The original song had mainstream success and has been sampled by a few people but there aren’t many producers that will do it justice. Jose Nunez and Baggi Begovic have created a classic dance mashup that will be a favorite on the dance floors this summer across the globe. You can expect to hear this track everywhere as I have already. The production is great and extremely tasteful blending 80’s progressive rock with todays house music. Four thumbs up from the Emix Radio Crew.
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