Rafa Barrios – Bubbles (Original Mix) Review

Rafa Barrios ” Bubbles”
Released by:Agile Recordings
Release date:17 February 2014

Just got this on Soundcloud and it is off the chain. Rafa  Barrios does it again with this kick ass tune called Bubbles. This is a Deep House track with some driving beat and bass that moves you. Give it a listen below and you can purchase the track at Beatport. Four Thumbs Up From the Emix Radio Crew.

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SP114 Stereo Productions goes to Playa del Carmen – The BPM 2014 Release

Released by: Stereo Productions Release/
catalogue number:SP114
Release date:2 January 2014

Buy: bit.ly/SP114_Beatport

New release out this month from Stereo Productions and is the seventh edition of BPM titled “Stereo Productions goes to Playa del Carmen” . BPM  is the first project for Stereo Productions in 2014 with this release consisting of twelve different tracks selected with great care by artists Chus & Ceballos for Techno and tech-house flavors.  Additional contributions are provided by Christian Smith to include  Oscar de Rivera. “Stereo Production goes to Playa del Carmen” Is the title under which you will find distinct work by many colorful artists that come together to express sensations under one beat driven soul, to create a must have record.  Stereo Productions gives a nod to Mexico’s well-known party scene by the title.

This release of big productions and new revelations will be showcased by Stereo Productions in Koolbeach on January 5th. The performance will also include other artists such as Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, and Alx. The album, which was made exclusively for broadcast on Beatport opens with Blowin’ Minds, a production featuring Chus & Ceballos in special collaboration with Oscar Rivera. Get ready to experience fine sounds with a rising melody flow, accented by intermingled sharp staccatos. Christian Smith, commander of Tonic, puts the icing on the cake with The Exchange, through a clean, bold sound to which we are accustomed. The club beat with a dark base loop correctly continues the journey of this album.

Rafa Barrios also contributes to the record with his  new release “Big Heart” by Intec Digital. Rafas’ work on Big Heart has been able to go beyond the confines of mainstream to create a unique tech-house sound; a danceable mental trip, perfect for bringing in the New Year. Rafa is an Emix Radio favorite and has produced works over the past year that we have highlighted.

This crazy-talented line up of starr-studded DJs makes this soundtrack perfect for one of the world’s most important festivals. “Stereo Production goes to Playa del Carmen” is one release you will not want to miss.

Four Thumbs Up from The Emix Radio Crew

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Rafa Barrios – Philadelphia (Original Mix) Review

Rafa Barrios
Stereo Productions Group
Madrid, Spain

Just got this sent to us and it is Bangin’! Rafa Barrios has created a magical ride of groove and Tech house to bring you Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a tune on the Calypso EP and from what we have heard via Soundcloud on the release, ” It is smoking Hot”!!!  Not sure of the release date or when available but you can give it a listen below. Rafa if you read this feel free to chime in and let everyone know where to get the record. Four thumbs up from the Emix Radio Crew.

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The Emix Radio Crew.

Basement jaxx – Flylife Extra [Rafa Barrios Edit 2013) Preview Review

Rafa Barrios, Seville, Spain
Basement jaxx – Flylife Extra [Rafa Barrios Edit 2013) Preview

Here is a preview of a remix of Basement jaxx – Flylife by Rafa Barrios. This tune is Slamming. Raffa’s edit provides for a grooving beat that makes you want to get up and dance. The mix is fun and moving. This is just a preview can’t wait to hear the full release.

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